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Using Leganto: For Staff


Copyright Compliance
You can request that a chapter, section or extract from a print resource be made electronically available to students using Leganto. Remember, limits apply under the Australian Copyright Act 1968.

Use the manual entry feature to enter the details of the reading and apply the eReserve Activity and Digitisation Required tags to notify the Library of your request. See, Use manual entry and Tags & statuses.

The PDF files of digitised resources should not be uploaded to any Interact site, cloud/web storage sites or added to padlet boards. Instead provide students with a link to the resource.

For assistance, please contact the University's Copyright Officers on 1800 275 278 or by email:

For additional information, please consult:


Licensing Compliance
To assist with licensing compliance, downloaded PDF files including eBook extracts and journal articles that are subject to licensing agreements may not be shared or made available online. This includes uploading a PDF of the resource to the Interact2 site or emailing the PDF to students.

Instead, provide students with a link to the relevant resource or section. This link can be embedded in an Interact site and the link can be added to your reading list. In Leganto, add the URL to the resource in the Source field of the citation box. This will help to ensure that your readings are ethically provided to students.

For more information, please consult: