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Using Leganto: For Staff


Use the Reports icon on the left menu to access Leganto metrics.


Access metrics from the Analysis, Usage and Inactive tabs.

  • Analysis tab: an overview of the activity on your reading list.
  • Usage tab: an overview of student interactions with citations on your list.
  • Inactive tab: reports of reading lists from previous sessions. 


Some student engagement can be assessed from the list view including full-text views, likes and discussions. See Student engagement. ‚Äč


The Analysis tab contains a bar graph that reports on the total number of full-text views, comments, Read Its, and likes a reading list has received.


An instructor can select a reading list from the drop down menu to view weekly usage statistics.


The Usage tab contains information about each reading list including:

  • course code
  • course name
  • list name
  • start & end date
  • total citations, and 
  • total participants


Total usage statistics for each reading list are gathered based on:

  • Active Students: the number of students that either clicked, liked, commented, or viewed a citation
  • Activity Score: average number citations interacted with by each student
  • Total Full Text Access: number of times the full text of any citation was accessed
  • Total Comments: total number of comments on all citations
  • Total Likes: total number of likes on all citations
  • Total Read It: total number of citations marked Read It


Weekly usage for each reading list is also depicted on this page.


Select the list name to view statistics based on the list's sections, individual citations and citation type.


Multiple cohorts
Analytics for individual cohorts associated with the same reading list will be available from the Usage tab. 


Use the Inactive tab to view usage information about inactive reading lists past or future. Select the list name to view statistics based on the list's sections, individual citations and citation type.


Export statistics into an Excel spreadsheet to organise and present the data. 


1. Select the Page Options menu in the top right of the Reports window.
Choose from the export options.