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Using Leganto: For Staff: Use manual entry

When to enter items manually

You may need to add an item manually if:

  • the item is a website or online resource that is not in Primo Search, or
  • you would like to request a new eReserve reading (see, Add eReserve & Reserve Items), or
  • you would like to recommend an item for purchase, or
  • you would like to add recordings made using CSU Replay (Panopto) to your reading list. 

Add a Record Manually


1. Select + (Add Citation) from the top right of the list.

2. Select the Create tab.

Use the Type dropdown to select the resource type (i.e. book chapter, article, website etc.)

Enter the details of the item.


3. Paste a stable URL to the resource into the Source field so students can access the item online. 
PDF documents cannot be uploaded directly to Leganto. See, Leganto & Copyright and Creating links to resources.


4. Nominate your preferred reading list and section using the Add To List dropdown scope.

Select Add & Close.



If this citation is a new eReserve request or a request for purchase, please also apply the appropriate tags to the citation. See, Add eReserve & Reserve Items.