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Using Leganto: For Staff

Associate multiple cohorts

Associate the same reading list with all subject cohorts for equitable delivery. Modifications made to the reading list will be visible by all cohorts. 

Note: Instructor status in the subject site is required. If you're not an Instructor in the other subject sites, add the Instructor as a collaborator to list.


1. Add the Leganto tool link to the other cohort subject sites.
Select the Add Menu Item option (+) and select Tool Link.

See Add Leganto to an i2 site.


3. Select Leave this page and explore Leganto.
Do not select Create It.

4. Select the 'x' to view all your lists. 
Select the correct list from the options to open it. 

These are all the lists that you are a collaborator of.


5. Click on the ellipsis ( ... ) at the top right of the reading list.

Select Manage course association.

6. Enter the name of the Interact site that you are in.
Type in S-subject code into the search field, i.e. S-INF506

Select the appropriate cohort from the options. 

Click Associate.

7. Repeat this process for all cohorts.