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Using Leganto: For Staff

Set up a reading list from an interact2 site


1. Create a Leganto course
Select the Readings and Resources link in the Interact2 site menu. See Add Leganto to an i2 site.

You will be asked to Create a new course. This will create a new subject in Leganto that your reading list will be associated with.

Leave the start date as today's date; enter the end date of the session in which your subject will run.

Select Create.

Enter the session end date


2. Create a reading list for the course (subject)
Click Create It.




3. Name your reading list.
For best practice, use the subject title as it appears in the Subject Handbook. i.e. 'subject code - description'.

If it is a pair subject, include both subject codes.
i.e. 'subject code/subject code - description'.

For more best practice tips, head to our Best Practice page.

4. Select Create.


reading list naming convention