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Using Leganto: For Staff: Set up Leganto

Enable list visibility

The Readings and Resources tool link will automatically appear in the left navigation menu of your subject i2 site.

The Readings and Resources link will be hidden from student view by default. If the link has a small square to the right, the link will not be visible to students and they will not be able to access the resources.

Enable student visibility by selecting the downward arrow and choosing Show Link from the options.

Create your list

1. Select the Readings and Resources link from the subject site menu. 


2. Create your Readings and Resources list
Click Create It.




3. Name your Readings and Resources list
Use the subject code and subject description to title the list so that it is clear and consistent for students. 

For more best practice tips, head to our Best Practice page.

4. Select Create.

reading list naming convention

5. Choose a list template.
Choose the topic template option or use the basic template to create your own custom arrangement.

See, List layout templates

Adding the tool link manually

If the default Readings and Resources tool link in your i2 site has been removed or is not present, add the tool manually.


1. In your subject site, select the Add Menu Item option (+) and select Tool Link.

Ensure the edit option is toggled on in the top, right corner of Interact2.

2. Name the tool Readings and Resources
This will keep the name consistent for students across other subjects.

For more best practice tips, head to our Best Practice page.

3. Select the Leganto (Resource List) from the drop-down list.
Check the box, Available to Users.


4. Select Submit.


N.B. - The Library recommends creating lists in i2 sites rather than Organisation sites. If you wish to create a test list in an Organisation site, ensure the title includes test.

i2 or Org. sites

When creating a new i2 site, the Leganto Readings and Resources tool link will be visible in the left navigation menu. However, this tool link is not default to the navigation menu in an Organisation site. 

The Library recommends creating legitimate Readings and Resources lists within i2 sites, as opposed to from within Organisation sites.


Preparing a list when an i2 site isn't yet available. 

If the subject i2 site hasn't been created yet but you'd like to start working on a list, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Leganto directly.
  2. Select 'New List' and follow the prompts. 
  3. Follow steps 5-7 on the Associate other cohorts page to ensure that the list will be automatically connected to the i2 site when it's created.
  4. Populate the list per the instructions in this guide.
  5. Prior to session, ensure the list is published and the tool link is visible to students


Creating a test list.

To create a test list to investigate Leganto before creating one for a subject:

  1. Follow steps 1-2 above
  2. Ensure the title of the list indicates that the list is a test and the date i.e. John's test list, March 2021.
  3. Populate the list per the instructions in this guide.

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