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Using Leganto: For Staff

For information about how to apply tags and change record statuses, see Add eReserve & Reserve items.


Apply eReserve Activity to:

  • all eReserve readings, both existing and new requests, and
  • all requests for print Reserve. 

Apply Digitisation Required to:

  • request a reading from a print resource held by the Library be digitised and added to eReserve, and
  • request a reading from a print resource not held by the Library be digitised and added to eReserve.

Apply Physical Reserve Required to: 

  • request a print item held by the Library be added to the Reserve collection at a designated campus for short term loan (2 hours).


Readings that require the Send to Library status, include:

  • a previously digitised eReserve reading; 
  • a new eReserve request; and
  • a request for an item to be held on print Reserve.

When these items are added to your reading list, their status will default to Being Prepared. Change the status to Send to Library by selecting the ellipsis to the right of the record and choosing Send to Library from the options.