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Using Leganto: For Staff: Tags & statuses

For information about how to apply tags and change record statuses, see Add eReserve & Reserve items

Apply tags

The tags in Leganto serve a few functions but most importantly, they allow eReserve and Reserve requests to be placed through the platform. By applying different tags, you can notify our Library Team of new requests in your list.

What tags to apply and when?

Apply Digitisation Required to request a reading from a print resource either held by the Library or not held by the Library be digitised and added to eReserve.

Apply Physical Reserve Required to request a print item held by the Library be added to the Reserve collection at a designated campus for short term loan (2 hours). Apply Remove - no longer required to request that an existing eReserve reading is removed from the system because it's no longer relevant to subject readings. Apply Purchase suggestion to request that a new resource is acquired by the Library.

Set a status

Most of the time when adding an electronic resource to a list, the citation status will automatically set to 'Complete'. However, when adding eReserve and Print Reserve items, these items won't automatically set to 'Complete'. 

To ensure new requests are processed and existing readings are visible to students, follow the advice below. 


Change a status
To change a status to 'Sent', choose the ellipsis (...) menu for the resource and select 'Send to Library' from the options. 

To change a status to 'Complete', choose the ellipsis (...) menu for the resource and select 'Set complete' from the options. Note: only citations with available links should be set to complete.

Which status to set and when?

  Being prepared Sent Complete
When to apply

This is the default status for print items. 

Citations should not be left indefinitely in Being Prepared status. 

New eReserve or Print Reserve requests should be changed to the Sent status to be processed by the Library.

Electronic resources from the Library's collection and websites will often set themselves as complete. 

Visible to students? No. While these citations will be visible to collaborators, they will not be visible to students.  No. While these citations will be visible to collaborators, they will not be visible to students. 

Yes. As long as the citation has an active and available URL and the list is published, students will be able to view it online. 

See, Publish your list.

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