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Using eBooks for Teaching

The Library has a substantial and growing collection of eBooks that are ideally suited for the provision of readings.

Please Note:

  • Access and use of eBooks is often limited by publisher imposed Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • eBooks in the Library collection should not be considered an alternative to student purchase of prescribed texts.

Should I put eBooks on my reading list?

Absolutely. The Library's ever increasing collection of eBooks are well suited to subject reading lists. And, the Library has been purchasing textbooks in electronic format, wherever possible, to try & reduce the financial burden on students and enhance their learning experience.

By choosing ebooks you can embed links to critical subject readings in your learning modules. No more copyright clash emails or searching in Primo Search for subject reserve. Students can click on a link to access selected readings or the whole book and no more worries about 10%!

However, it is important to contact the Library to check the suitability of individual eBook licences prior to adding them to your reading list, as access conditions vary on individual titles, according to publisher specifications. Publishers may for example:

  • restrict the number of simultaneous users
  • place limits on printing, copying text and downloads, or
  • remove a title from sale, preventing the Library from purchasing additiional copies in order to meet higher than anticipated demand for access

How do I add eBooks to my reading list?

  • You can create links to selected eBooks or eBook chapters for use in Interact2 subject sites, providing convenient 24/7 access to readings.
  • If you'd like to use an eBook that the Library doesn't hold you can submit a request for new eBook titles to be added to the Library Collection.
  • Are you rewriting a subject? This is a great time to consider including eBooks on your reading list. Contact our Faculty Liaison Librarians if you would like assistance to identify eBook alternatives for your reading list.
  • And, if you are keen to know when new titles are published in your subject area the Library can add you to one or more of an existing 70+ subject alerts, or create a personalised alert for you. You would then be able to suggest new titles for the library to purchase from the emailed alerts you receive. For more information please see New Library Resources or contact our Acquisitions Team.

For more information about the use of eBooks in teaching please contact one of our Faculty Liaison Librarians.