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Using Leganto: For Staff: Pre-Session Considerations

Pre-session considerations

Readings and Resources lists can be reused each session; there's no need to create a new list each time a subject runs. Below is a list of tasks you may consider when reusing your Readings and Resources list ahead of next session. 

Each subject and list is different so you may not need to complete each step, every session. 

  1. Enable list visibility
  2. Check all your readings are set as 'complete'
  3. Check the view online links
  4. Ensure all cohorts are associated
  5. Add & remove teaching staff as collaborators
  6. Check any eReserve scanned readings are still required
  7. Review the existing resources
  8. Add any new resources
  9. Send list to library
  10. Ensure your list is published

Enable list visibility

The Leganto Readings and Resources link in the left navigation menu is part of the i2 template. If you have used the i2 template to create your new subject site, the link to access the subject Readings and Resources list will already be there - but it will be hidden from student view by default.

Ensure the Readings and Resources list is made visible to students each session (see, Enable list visibility). If you wish to hide your Readings and Resources list throughout session, please contact your Library Faculty Team to ensure copyright compliance.

If there is no list attached to this link, contact eReserve or your Library Faculty Team to find out if a list exists, and/or to be added as a collaborator to an existing list.

Check all your readings are set as 'complete'

As you scroll down the list, cast your eye over the status of each reading. Ensure each item is set as Complete. Most items will set as Complete automatically.

If an item is not marked as Complete, it is likely a print resource or an eReserve scanned reading.

Citations should not be left indefinitely in Being Prepared status. Manage items in Being prepared status by following the steps in the Set a status box. This will ensure Library staff can process your item, or contact your Library Faculty Team for advice.


Check the View Online links

Select the View Online link below each resource to confirm the resource link is active and directing to the correct source.

If an online resource such as a website, YouTube video or government document has a stale link, locate the new web page online and replace the URL using the 'Edit Item' option.

Filter List option

If your list is extensive, you may wish to use the Filter List option to initially check a particular resource type ie. websites. 

Select the filter icon at the top of the list, select 'Select types' and choose from the options.

The resource types here will change depending on the type of resources in the list.

Ensure all cohorts are associated

Hover your mouse over the graduation cap icon at the top of the list. This will provide you with a list of the cohorts associated with the list. Ensure all cohorts for all sessions are associated.

To associate a new cohort to the list, see Associate other cohorts.

Add & remove teaching staff as collaborators

Already a collaborator. If you are already a collaborator of the list, add any other teaching staff that aren't collaborators. See, Add Collaborators.

Not a collaborator. If you are not a collaborator of a list that you are teaching to, either contact one of the collaborators and ask them to add you or contact your Library Faculty Team.

If you no longer need to be a collaborator of a list, use the Manage collaborators option to remove yourself from the list. Do not delete the list. This will delete the list for all users and cannot be restored by Library staff.

Check any eReserve scanned readings are still required

eReserve scanned readings in your list will have an 'eReserve Activity Required' tag. 

If these readings are still required for the subject ensure the reading is complete. If not, send the citation to the library.

If these readings are no longer required for the subject, apply the 'Remove - no longer required' tag to the item. Our eReserve Team will deactivate the reading and remove the citation.

Review the existing resources

Subject readings. Check the readings for currency and accurate citations (see, APA 7th Style referencing display). Remove any resources that are no longer required. Ensure copyright compliance or contact Library Faculty Team for assistance. 

e-Textbooks. Check Primo Search for an available e-textbook and ensure that it is included in the list. Ensure the correct edition of the prescribed and recommended textbooks are in the list.

eBook etiquette. Add the Library's eBook Etiquette video is added as a public note to the textbooks to help the students use the text throughout session. For a link to the resource and instructions see, Best Practice.

Add any new resources

This guide has instructions to help you add a variety of resources including:

The Library's Learn about Leganto PD session demonstrates how to add these resource types to a list, as well as, how to customise your list to suit your subject.

Send list to the Library

If you've made any changes to the list, send the list to the Library.

Lists aren't approved by the Library; but Library staff do monitor and process lists as required. If the list is published, students will be able to view the readings in the list as soon as they are added in and have a Complete status.

Ensure your list is published

If you have previously published your Leganto list, it will remain published each session unless it's manually unpublished. Even so, it's good to check the publish status so ensure students can see and engage with the resources.

A 'published' icon will appear under the title of the list. 

If your list is unpublished, see Publish your list.

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