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Leganto: Create E-Resource Lists

Library Guide on how to use Leganto to create e-resource lists for subjects.

Why Create and Manage a Reading List for your Subject?

The Library is piloting Leganto, a dynamic reading list solution which allows the subject coordinator, students, and library staff to collaborate in the creation, management, and evaluation of recommended learning resources. 

Leganto works as a tool in Interact2, but one of its key aspects is that it also communicates with the Library system and with Primo Search.

Leganto allows you to:

  • Create dynamic lists gathered from a range of sources including the Library collection, internet, and multimedia resources
  • Easily manage and update resources for all of your units from session to session
  • Enable students to ‘like’ resources, create personal collections, and share comments and recommendations with classmates and lecturers
  • Extract analytics such as full-text access views.

Let the Library create a Leganto reading list for you

We can adapt the PDF or Word based reading lists you provide, or locate and list the required readings embedded in your modules.

 Complete the online form to request a Leganto reading list, or create your own using the instructions in this guide. 

The Reading List Solution!

Leganto Introduction Video