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Using Leganto: For Staff

Create and Manage a Reading List for your Subject

Leganto makes it easy to create, manage and evaluate your subject readings by: 

  • collating all subject readings in one place;
  • organising the readings to complement the subject delivery schedule - by week, topic or module;
  • allowing you to collaborate with colleagues to build a reading list that can be used by all cohorts;
  • allowing you to reuse a reading list from session to session; and
  • collecting analytics such as full-text views to assess student engagement.

Get started with Leganto by:

  • creating your own Leganto list using the instructions outlined in this guide, or
  • submitting an online form to ask the Library to create a reading list for you. 

For other assistance, please contact your Library Faculty Team.


Access your Leganto reading lists either through the tool link created in Interact2 or enter the Leganto site directly

Leganto professional development

Join us for some Leganto PD!

Learn about Leganto PD (register here)
This session will use Leganto to explore reading list creation and customisation; and how you can use the Library’s Using Leganto: For Staff library guide to create a reading list for your subjects.

Leganto offers some great advantages including:

  • customised layout options
  • student use and engagement metrics
  • centralised readings for all subject cohorts; and
  • avenues to collaborate with other academics.

Come along to learn more about how you can use Leganto to complement your subject! Before the session, you might like to watch the following CSU ThinkPiece, Strengthening student success: Utilising collaboration to provide equitable access to resources (5:08min). 


Drop-in Q&A: Learn about Leganto (register here)
If you have a question or two about using Leganto, register for one of our upcoming drop-in Q&A sessions.

With Leganto you can create an engaging and dynamic Reading and resources list so your students can view your subject resources in one place. Use Leganto to connect students with resources within the Library collection and beyond, gather analytics and enable all cohorts to view the same list as well as any updates - saving you time.

Leganto’s features are numerous so we understand that you might have some questions about using Leganto along the way. Stop by a drop-in Q&A session to seek advice from your librarians.

Leganto: Strengthening student success