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Using Leganto: For Staff

Reusing a Reading List: Permissions

Reuse a reading list from a previous session in another subject site i.e. reuse a 202030 reading list in a 202060 site. 


If the list was created by YOU (or the Library on your behalf) you will need to be:


If SOMEONE ELSE wishes to reuse a reading list you created in a new subject site:


Then, follow the instructions on the Associate multiple cohorts page to associate a new subject to an existing list. 

If you no longer want the reading list showing in My Lists, you can remove yourself as a collaborator.

Reusing a reading list: Best practice

The Library recommends that you check the following after reusing your reading list:

  1. Check the Reading List link has been added to the Interact 2 menu of the new site (depending on how the list was reused)
  2. Check that the Reading List link is available to students and not hidden from view
  3. Click the Reading List link to confirm that it connects to the correct reading list
  4. Check the list to ensure all the reading links are current and stable. Make any required edits
  5. Add any new teaching or support staff as collaborators to the list, if they are required to make modifications. See, Add Collaborators.

For any assistance please contact Library