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Using Leganto: For Staff

Who should be added as a collaborator?

Add other staff as collaborators to a reading list including:

  • academic staff teaching other cohorts of the same subject, and
  • educational designers. 

Adding Collaborators


1. In the Collaborators pane, click on Manage collaborators.

mange collaborators button


2. Invite new collaborators
Enter the name, email address or CSU ID (in the format of CS12345678) for your colleagues.

Click on Send Invitation.


For best practice, add staff teaching other cohorts as collaborators and any other staff that may need to contribute to, or modify the list. 


3. Change collaborator permissions
When collaborators are added, they receive editing rights only. 

Change this by selecting Can edit list and Allow collaborator to manage the list.

Click on Send Invitation.


Collaborator Permissions

Can manage list means that a collaborator can:

  • add, edit and remove resources;
  • add, edit and remove sections; 
  • add and remove other collaborators; 
  • manage multiple cohorts;
  • delete a list, and
  • duplicate a list. Anyone who wishes to duplicate a list into a different i2 site needs to have Can manage list permissions in the original list. See Reusing a list.


Can edit list means that a collaborator can:

  • add, edit and remove resources;
  • add, edit and remove sections.