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Using Leganto: For Staff: Add collaborators

Who should be added as a collaborator?

Add other staff as collaborators to the Readings and Resources list including:

  • academic staff teaching other cohorts of the same subject;
  • other learning and teaching support staff associated with the subject.

Adding Collaborators


1. In the Collaborators pane, click on Manage collaborators.

mange collaborators button


2. Invite new collaborators
Enter the name for your colleagues.

Click on Send Invitation.


We recommend adding staff who are teaching other cohorts as collaborators and any other staff that may need to contribute to, or modify the list. 

For more best practice tips, head to our Best Practice page.


3. Manage collaborator permissions.
When collaborators are added, they receive editing rights only by default. See, Collaborator permissions.

Change this by selecting Can edit list and choose Allow collaborator to manage the list.

Click on Send Invitation to notify the collaborator of the change, or select Close.


Am I already a collaborator of a list?

Log into Leganto directly to check whether you are a collaborator of a list. You will see a list of Readings and Resources lists that you have either created yourself or have been made a collaborator of. 

If you know a subject has a list but you cannot see it after logging into Leganto, either ask a colleague who is a collaborator to add you to the list using the instructions on this page, or contact your Library Faculty Team. 

If you're unsure whether your subject has an existing Readings and Resources list, please contact your Library Faculty Team.

Collaborator Permissions

Can edit list means that a collaborator can:

Can manage list means that a collaborator can:
  • add, edit and remove resources;
  • add, edit and remove sections.
  • add, edit and remove resources;
  • add, edit and remove sections; 
  • add and remove other collaborators; 
  • associate other cohorts to view the same list;
  • delete a list, and
  • duplicate a list.