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Using Leganto: For Staff: Edit & manage your list

Edit an item


1. Select the ellipsis ( ... ) to the right of the item you would like to edit and choose Edit item

2. Use this box to make changes to the record. 

If you have changed the URL in the Source field, you will need to refresh the page for the new URL to apply. 

Select Save.



NOTE: If a website URL becomes stale, locate a new URL for the website and paste it into the Source field. 

Adding public notes

Additional instructions or comments can be added to resources by using the Public Notes field. 

Edit the record in Leganto using the instructions in the Edit the Item box above and add your note to the 'Public Note' field.

Example public notes might include:

  • This eBook may have limited concurrent user access. See our eBook Etiquette video for more information:
  • Read this before our tutorial next week
  • This will be important for Assessment 2


Public notes vs. Private notes
In the resource record there is a choice between adding a public and a private note. Public notes can be seen by anyone with access to the list. Private notes will only be seen by those that manage the list i.e subject conveners or Library staff.

Move an item

Items can be moved to other sections within a Readings and Resources list. There are four ways to move an item. The best method to use with depend on where in the list the resource is being moved to.

4x ways to move citations around a Readings and Resources list.

  1. Select the small blue arrows to move a citation up or down one position at a time
  2. Select the white bars to click and drag a citation into place
  3. In the 'edit' menu of the item, use ‘move item’ to put one or more items into a ‘bag’ and insert them into the list. All items will move together. 
  4. Use ‘Move citation’ to move an item to a new section. This can also be used to move a reading to a section in an entirely different list.

Move item vs. move citation.
‘Move item’ will give you control over where in the section you’d like the items to be. ‘Move citation’ will automatically put the item at the bottom of the section.

Move a section

When a new section is added to a list, it will insert at the top. To move the section:


1. Select the 'Toggle the section view' icon to condense the sections.

2. Then either,

  • select the small blue arrows to move a section up or down one position at a time, or
  • select the white bars to click and drag a section into place, or
  • use ‘Move item’ option in the 'edit' menu of the section.

3. Select the 'Toggle the section view' icon again to expand the sections.

Delete an item

To delete readings from your reading list: 

  1. Select the ellipsis ( ... ) to the right of the item.
  2. Choose Delete item from the options
  3. Confirm your choice by selecting Delete from the pop up.

If you are removing a eReserve reading from a Leganto list that is no longer required for your subject, please inform our Library eReserve Team.

Limit section visibility

Sections can be hidden from student view and set to automatically become visible on a chosen date. 


1. Select the 'ellipsis ( ... ) menu for the section.

Choose 'Edit' 

2. Use the 'From' field to specify when the section is intended for. 

To make the section available until the end of session, leave the 'To' field blank. 

3. Check the 'Section visible only during these dates' option. 

This will hide the section from students view until the date indicated in the 'From' field. 


TIP - to hide a section from student view indefinitely, follow these steps but set both the 'From' and 'To' dates to any date in the past.

4. Use the 'View list as a student' feature in Leganto to check the visibility of the section.

Export to Word or EndNote

Staff and students can export citations from a Readings and Resources list to Word, PDF and EndNote.


1. Select the ellipsis ( ... ) menu at the top right of the reading list.

Choose Export and select your preferred format.



2. Select your export preference options.

Choose the bibliographic style and your sort preference.

The quality of the exported citations will be impacted by the metadata contained within the item record in Leganto. Edit the citations to ensure that each item contains the elements of a standard reference and those elements are formatted correctly. See, Edit an item & Best Practice.

Leganto is not a bibliographic management tool. Staff and students are strongly encouraged to check the quality and accuracy of any export and, review and amend the citations as required. 

Students can be referred to Referencing at Charles Sturt for guidance on how to reference or to the Academic Skills Team for more comprehensive or specialised referencing advice. 

Need Assistance?

If you need to edit, update or reuse a Leganto reading list, come along to a Learn about Leganto PD session. We demonstrate the progress of adding and editing items in the session. Register here

Or contact your Library Faculty Team - we'll show you how!

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