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Using Leganto: For Staff


This page contains information about:

  • sending your reading list to the Library; and
  • publishing your reading list.


Select Send List to send your list to the Library where we will check for broken links, current textbook editions and process any eReserve, print Reserve and digitisation requests. The Library will update your reading list with any new links and will contact you if there are any questions.


If you make any changes to the list in the future, you will need to send the list to the Library again.

Publishing your list

After sending your list to the Library, publish your reading list so that students can view it through the subject Interact2 site.

A reading list does not need to be complete before it is published and you don't need to wait for any confirmation from the Library to publish a list. 


1. Click on the ellipsis ( ... ) at the top right of the reading list.

Select Publish.

2. Reading lists should only be published to course students. 

Select Confirm.


Make sure your reading list tool is visible in your Interact site, and you're ready to go!