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Legal Research Skills Guide: Using Primo Search

Using Primo search

Primo Search is the Library's discovery tool. Use Primo to locate

  • Books, DVDs, journals and other physical items found in the library;
  • Online resources including eBooks, journal articles and Law Report series;
  • Your ereserve readings

For more help using Primo see the Primo Search Help Guide.

Find your subject readings

Legal abbreviations

Many legal resources will have an abbreviation. Case citations use abbreviations to indicate the report series that holds the judgment. Legal journals may also use an abbreviation in their citation. In AGLC4, you should need to include the full title of the journal.

Use an abbreviations guide to find out the full title of the report or journal:

Then search for the full title in Primo Search. If the library subscribes to the report or journal, follow the link to view online and navigate to the correct volume.

Activity #4 - Locating a reading

 Use Primo search to find the following eBook. 

Roderick Howie et al, Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales (LexisNexis, 6th ed, 2019).


Activity #5 - Legal abbreviations