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Legal Research Skills Guide: Case Citators

Case citators

Case Citators can help you find a case if you don't have the full citation or want to check if your case is still 'good law'

They can also give useful information around a case, such as:

  • whether the case has been reported multiple times
  • if any cases have considered the case through the use of annotations and flags or signals
  • if any cases were considered by the case
  • legislation considered by the case
  • whether any journal articles have discussed the case

You'll find the Case Citators listed on the Case law tab of the Law Library Resource Guide.

Introduction to case citators: Casebase

Introduction to case citators: Firstpoint

Activity #17 - Using case citators

 Look up the following citation in CaseBase using the citation below and answer the following questions:

[2006] HCA 15