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Legal Research Skills Guide: Legal Commentary

Legal commentary

Legal commentaries provide up to date, detailed information on a particular subject area such as criminal law, property law, contract law etc. They often provide a mixture of expert commentary, legislation and key cases.

Consult the list of legal commentaries in the Law Library Resource Guide for titles related to your topic.

Find what's available for your subject from the Area of Law tab in the Law Library Resource Guide.

If you have the title of a specific commentary find it in Primo Search.

Tip! Looseleaf services

You'll find AGLC4 rules for commentaries under the term 'looseleaf'. 

The term looseleaf comes from the format for commentaries, when published in hardcopy.  Hardcopy commentaries are produced in a series of unbound pages stored in a ring binder an regularly updated as the law changed.  

Updates are sent as new pages, which are then interfiled in the folder, with superseded pages removed.  A time consuming process that has largely been replaced by online versions of these publications.

Activity #11 - Finding Legal Commentary

 Using Primo Search, locate the online Legal Commentary Criminal Law (NSW)

Navigate to the full text in the database (Westlaw).

In the Free text field (the last field on the search page), search for the phrase "punishment for murder".