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Legal Research Skills Guide: Currency

Currency of an Act

When doing legal research, it is important to know how up-to-date an Act is when you're using it. Generally, it is important to use the most current version of an Act.

You'll find the currency date on the front page of an Act. It will say something like This compilation was prepared on... or Current as at...

If some time has passed since your version of the Act was prepared, you will need to check if any amendments made to the Act are reflected in your version of the Act.

Activity #25 - Locating Currency of an Act

 Locate the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 (NSW) in the NSW legislation website.

Question: What is the currency of the is version of the Act?



Answer: You'll find the Act here.  The currency is listed just under the title of the Act on the first page as well as under "Status Information".