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Legal Research Skills Guide: Law Reform

Law Reform

Law Reform documents are created by Law Reform bodies. These bodies, generally called Law Reform Commissions, are tasked with reviewing, developing and reforming the law.  Each state and territory of Australian, except South Australia, has a Law reform body, and their publications are available from their respective websites. 

There are also some specialist Law Reform bodies in Australia e.g., Family Law Council and Administrative Review Council. You'll also find law reform publications in a number of databases, all of these sites are listed on the Law Reform tab of the Law Library Resource Guide.

Law Reform publications are a great resource to help you understand the reason for a law being changed and will outline the state of the community, how the law sits within that community as it stands and why changes to a law will benefit the community.

Activity #12 - Finding Law Reform

 Go to the publication section of the Australian Law Reform Commission website.  You'll find this listed on the Law Reform tab.

Locate the Discussion/Consultation Papers on Indigenous issues.