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Ebooks: ProQuest Ebook Central

Accessing and using ProQuest eBooks

ProQuest Ebook Central is a huge and constantly growing multidisciplinary collection of eBooks. This collection is the Library’s largest collection of eBooks, and covers many of the subjects taught at Charles Sturt.


Finding a ProQuest eBook

If you have the details of the eBook you need:

  • Search for the title of the book in Primo Search
  • Select the title of the resource from the search results to open the item record. 
  • Select 'ProQuest Ebook Central' from the View Online options.

If you're accessing this eBook through your Readings and Resources list through your subject site:

  • Select the View Online option for the item.

Opening and reading a ProQuest eBook

After you have completed a search for a title, whether via Primo Search, or directly in Ebook Central’s search box, you will come to the Book Detail’s Page. On this page you can see:

  • The number of copies of the text Charles Sturt Library has available.
  • Download and copy allowances for the title. Some titles may have the option to download the full book.
  • The table of contents, use this to view/read online or download chapters of the book
  • The publication details of the book

Using the ProQuest Book shelf

Your bookshelf in ProQuest Ebook Central keeps track of your downloads, loans and saved books, and lets you share them with others. Options available in your bookshelf include:

  • Access your 10 most recently viewed titles
  • Access the books you've downloaded or have on loan
  • Access the books you've annotated with highlighting, notes and bookmarks
  • Organise your books into folders, and sort by title, author, publisher, date etc.
  • Share links to your folders with other Charles Sturt patrons
  • Export your notes or bookmarks, and create citations from your choice of styles

Online Reading

When you read online you have the option to Search within book above the expandable table of contents on the left hand side of the page.


You can use the Search within book function to search through the title with a keyword or phrase. You must use quotation marks to search for a phrase. The search function will highlight the pages your search term can be found on and you can click through to the page you want.

There are also a number of icons along the top of the page allowing you to interact with the book. Hover over each icon with your mouse to see its purpose:

  • Chapter Download allows you download the current chapter you are reading, with your citation style of choice.
  • Copy - select the text you would like to copy on the page, click the copy icon, and paste your selection into your document.
  • Print to PDF - choose the pages you want to print to PDF, and select your preferred citation style.
  • Add to Bookshelf to keep track of your downloads, loans and saved books.
  • Share Link gives you a page specific link to share a book with other Charles Sturt patrons.
  • Get Citation - choose your citation format/style, and either copy the citation or export it to your online reference management software.
  • When reading online you can annotate the book using the Highlight, Add Note or Add Bookmark icons.
  • Finally, you can Zoom Out or Zoom In on the page to get the best fit for your screen and read using continuous scrolling.


Recommended use

To make sure you get what you need and enable others to access ProQuest ebooks we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Open the ebook details page
  • Download the required chapter or pages
  • Return the book by closing the browser tab you are reading online in.

Offline reading

Download/print options

You can download sections of the book in PDF format for offline use.

There is a limit to how much you can download in a 24-hour period and for some titles there is a limit to how many pages of the allowance you can print at a time.

This limit may differ between titles. The limit will reset after 24 hours.

To view the print allowances for your book, take a look at the Book Detail's Page.

Note: Some textbooks published by Wiley, Cengage and Oxford University Press will have no print, copy or download allowances. They are only available for read online.


To borrow and download full ebooks for offline reading you need to have ebook reading software installed on your computer. Not all titles are available for full download.

To download a chapter:

  • Open the book from primo or your Reading and Resources list
  • From the table of contents you can click on the Download PDF link to the right hand side of the chapter title
  • If you are reading the book online, click on the PFD icon (Chapter download) at the top of the screen
  • Choose your citation style to be displayed on the PDF
  • Select Continue, then Open PDF - your downloaded pages will be displayed

To copy pages:

  • Click on the page icon (Copy) at the top of the screen
  • In the pop-up box that appears, select the text you want to copy and press Control-C. Click Done to close the pop up box.
  • Paste your text into a word document or other program to read and annotate
  • Copying pages in this way reduces your Pages remaining for copy

 To download specific pages:

  • Click on the printer icon (Print to PDF) at the top of the screen
  • In the pop-up that opens enter the page range you wish to download - your maximum number of pages allowed to be downloaded will be displayed here
  • Choose your citation style to be displayed on the PDF
  • Click Continue, then Open PDF to view your downloaded pages

Accessibility | Text to speech | Read aloud options

OpenDyslexic is a typeface that helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of dyslexia. To enable this in ProQuest Ebook Central, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to ProQuest Ebook Central
  • Bring up the Profile Page by clicking on the Settings > Profile menu items located towards the top right corner of the page
  • Scroll down the Profile page to click on the option to Enable OpenDyslexic typeface 
  • Tick to agree to the ProQuest Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and hit the Save Changes button to complete the process

ProQuest Ebook Central is compatible with the latest version of screen reader and browser combinations as follows:

  • Desktop: Chrome + JAWS  
  • Desktop: Microsoft Edge + JAWS  
  • Desktop: Firefox + NVDA
  • Desktop: Safari + VoiceOver
  • Mobile Apple devices: Safari + VoiceOver
  • Mobile Android devices: Chrome + TalkBack

To get a ProQuest Ebook Central title ready to be read by a screen-reading app, follow these tips:

  • Log in to ProQuest Ebook Central 
  • Bring up the Profile Page by clicking on the Settings > Profile menu items located towards the top right corner of the page
  • Scroll down the Profile page to click on the option to Enable Text Only Mode
  • Tick to agree to the ProQuest Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and hit the Save Changes button to complete the process

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