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About ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central provides a large multidisciplinary collection, it is CSU Library's largest collection of eBooks. Ebooks from the ProQuest ProQuest Ebook Central logocollection are controlled by DRM (Digital Rights Management), so there may be limits on the number of concurrent users per title, there will be limits on printing and copying and to download the book to read offline you will need special software.

For more information on using this collection please see the ProQuest Ebook Central Guide

Recommended Usage

When multiple copies of a book are available, as indicated in the availability pane (see below), you have the option to:

  • Read online, utilising features available in the online reader, such as annotations and highlights.
  • Download a chapter or page range to PDF. Remember to Sign In to be authenticated as a CSU user, this will increase your print/save allowances.
  • OR download the full eBook to read offline, this feature may be useful if you are using an unstable data connection.

When limited copies of a book are available, as indicated in the availability pane (see below, note that the availability pane will show a specific number of copies available e.g. 1 or 3), it is recommended that you:

  • Access the book online and Sign In to be authenticated as a CSU user (this increases your print/copy allowances).
  • Click Read Online and identify portion(s) of the book you require and print/save to PDF a reasonable portion of the book. Keep in mind that print/save allowances in ProQuest refresh after 24hrs.
  • Promptly close the browser to exit the eBook, this will make sure that the book is then available for other CSU students.

Reading Online

The ProQuest Ebook Central Reader provides access to a number of features including search within, annotations & highlights.

Note: we recommend you Sign In to be authenticated as a CSU user before reading online as this will increase your print/save allowances for most ProQuest Ebook Central titles. You need to be signed in to use the following features: Full Download, Add to Bookshelf, Highlight, Add Note or Add Bookmark. You may need to enter your CSU username and password to sign in.


  • Select Read Online.
  • From the left hand navigation panel access the contents, book details, search within the book and check your annotations and highlights.
  • Navigate throughout the book using the contents listing, forward/back arrows that appear on the top right hand side of the reader or navigate straight to a particular page by entering that page number in the Go to Page box.


  • From the menu of icons along the top of the online reader you can:

Proquest Ebook Central Reader book home screen

  • Download - access full download, if available, and chapter download.
  • Copy - copy up to one page at a time, updated copy allowances are listed in the book detail tab in the left hand panel.
  • Print - typical print allowance for most titles is 40%, however this varies according to each title.
  • Add to bookshelf - add to your own bookshelf within the ProQuest Ebook interface.
  • Share link - link directly to this title, link accessible to CSU Students & Staff.
  • Get citation - citation available in a range of referencing formats, option to export citation to EndNote also provided
  • Highlight - highlight text using the toolbar icon OR highlight by selecting text and then selecting your highlight colour from the pop-up menu that appears.
  • Add note - use the toolbar icon to add a note/annotation to current page OR create a note by selecting text on a page and choosing the note icon from the pop-up menu (note: highlights and notes are saved within the interface, accessible when you are signed in).
  • Add bookmark - add bookmark to current page, similar to notes & highlights, bookmarks are saved within the interface.

Watch the ProQuest Ebook Central Reader video (below) for more information


Chapter Download

Download a chapter, page range or single page as a PDF. PDF's are searchable, include a citation & can be permanently stored on your computer.

Please note: When using a popular ProQuest Ebook Central title that has limited availability it is preferable to use the Chapter Download feature, rather than the read online feature, as this allows equitable access to the eBook by all students.

Access the chapter download option from the book's home screen or from the icons in the online reader Chapter download icon

  • In the Chapter Download pop up box enter details of page range or chapter required, select citation style & click continue.
  • Select Open PDF
  • Open or Save the PDF file
  • Use your PDF Reader to save, print, highlight or annotate your document.
  • Chapter Download is effectively the same as the print process, governed by the printing limits in each text. Note that print allowances are refreshed every 24hrs.

Full Download

The full download feature is available for many ProQuest Ebook Central titles, however full download is not available for limited copy access titles. The home screen of a book will indicate whether or not it is available for full download:

Downloading the book allows you to read it offline. You will need to install free eBook reading software, for computers you will need Adobe Digital Editions and for mobile devices you will need the Bluefire Reader app.

  • Select Full Download from home screen of the book or from the top icon menu in the online reader.
  • You will be taken through a series of screens, with options according to the device you are using. This process will instruct you to install appropriate e-reading software.
  • You may be prompted to choose a loan length, and a download format i.e. PDF or ePub. PDF appears similar to original print version & ePub enables page resizing options.
  • Download book.
  • Once downloaded your book will open with Adobe Digital Editions on a computer or in the Bluefire Reader on a mobile device.
  • Adobe Digital Editions enables you to add bookmarks to a text, search within the text and to print and copy portions of the text. Note that printing and copying allowances in Adobe Digital Editions are separate from allowances in the ProQuest Ebook Central Reader and do not reset after 24hrs.

Watch the ProQuest Ebook Central Downloads video (below) for more information

Proquest Ebook Central Videos

Ebook Central Reader

3min 34sec

Ebook Central Downloads

3min 12sec

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