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About O'Reilly for Higher Education

The O'Reilly for Higher Education digital platform includes a collection of more than 38 000 eBook titles covering topics such as IT networking, project management, graphic design and business strategy. The platform also provides access to more than 30 000 hours of video.

O'Reilly for Higher Education: Video


There are a number of ways to search within the O'Reilly for Higher Education collection:

  • From the Homepage use the Search box provided

Safari homepage search

  • Or use the Quick Search box that appears toward the top of most pages

safari quick search box

For tips on searching, including how to filter your search, please see: O'Reilly for Higher Education Guide: Search

Reading O'Reilly eBooks Online

Select the book you are interested in from your list of results. On the book information page you will see a brief description of the book and a table of contents. To read online click the Start Reading Now link.



From within the Safari online book reader you can:

  • Copy text, add highlights and notes. Select a portion of text, a pop up menu will appear, from here select either Copy, Add Highlight or Add Note


  • A number of options are available from the icon menu that appears toward the right of your screen, including:  ""
  • Search within the book    
  • Add the item to a playlist



  • To print, navigate to required section within the eBook & use the print feature of your browser.

For further information on using the O"Reilly for Higher Education platform please see: O' Reilly for Higher Education Guide

O'Reilly on your mobile

O'Reilly mobile app

Download O'Reilly's mobile app (available on Android and iOS) to access content from the O'Reilly platform on your mobile device. 

After downloading the App you will need to sign in using your CSU username & password, this will enable you to access content from the O'Reilly platform, including any resources you have saved to your queue playlist.


For more information on Playlists, including how to add content to your playlist please see: O'Reilly for Higher Education: Playlists


For more information on the O'Reilly mobile app please see: O'Reilly for Higher Education: Mobile