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CRO: Adding Research Outputs, Impact, Engagement and Scholarly Activities

A guide to using the different forms in CRO / Pure to enter Impact, Engagement, Scholarly Activities, Awards, Press and Media, as well as the more traditional Research Outputs.

Adding records of research facilities or equipment to CRO

It is possible to record information in CRO about Research Facilities or equipment used in research projects.  The availability of this information has potential to lead to research collaboration or engagement activities, and would also be useful to include in grant funding applications.

Image of CRO record for Spectroradiometer

There are new forms available to record these details

Select Faculities/Equipment slect equipment types select form to use

Tips for completing the form

Complete the Description and Access to facility/equipment details, including contact person, address, phone and email contact details and conditions of loan or access.

Adding location, contact and loan or access details