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HIP202 Research Skills Guide: START



Welcome to the HIP202 Research Skills Guide.

This guide is to help you search the Allied Health literature for published studies relevant to health practice. It will help you with Assessment Item One – Ask & Acquire Examples - and the e-exam. It builds on the HIP100 Research Skills Guide.

The focus of searching is on CINAHL Plus with Full Text. CINAHL is a reputable and health-specific resource which, because of its allied health focus, scholarly content, and sophisticated search functions, should always give much better results than general Internet searching. We also look at some publicly available resources: Google Scholar, PubMed, and three discipline-specific databases.

You can work through this guide at your own pace, or dip into it as needed using the navigation structure (tabs and boxes), or the Next and Previous page links.

If you need further help, please contact me, or contact the Library, as in the box at right.

Finally, if you wish to test yourself on your knowledge of databases searching, there is an optional test in the HIP202 Interact site. Look for the 'Test Yourself' on Database Searching in the left menu. There are ten multiple-choice questions.

Wishing you all the best in HIP202 -
Tim Eggleston
CSU Librarian

In This Section

Help from Your Librarian

You can contact me directly for assistance, Tim Eggleston -

OR you can contact the Library:

eBook chapter - Finding the evidence

In your Learning Content > Week 3 Acquiring evidence instructions, there is a book chapter recommended as further reading. The book chapter is now available in eBook format:

Booth, A. (2017). Finding the evidence. In T. Hoffman, S. Bennett, & C. Del Mar (Eds.), Evidence-based practice across the health professions (3rd ed., pp. 41-63). Elsevier Australia.

You can also access the entire eBook:

Hoffman, T., Bennett, S., & Del Mar, C. (Eds). (2017).  Evidence-based practice across the health professions (3rd ed.). Elsevier Australia.

Note: you have to register to access content in this particular eBook collection.