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HIP202 Research Skills Guide: Persistent Link to Search (Permalink)

Persistent Link to Search

In EBSCOhost databases, it's possible to create a persistent link to a search you have done. Here's how:

  1. When you have finished your searching, you need to have the results displayed
  2. Click on the Share button at the top right of the results list
  3. At the ensuing drop-down panel, copy the Permalink/Persistent link to search.
  4. You can then "share" the permalink. If it is pasted into a browser, then the EBSCOhost database opens and the search and its results are displayed.

The persistent link to search is to the most recent search you have done. If that search is a combination of a number of searches (built using Search History), then all parts of the search will be recorded. The link can then be shared with others.

CINAHL results list showing the location of the Share button and the Permalink box

When someone clicks on the link, the database opens with the search copied in a single line in the top search box. The results then display.

If you want to see what happens when you paste a persistent link to search into a browser, try copying and pasting this one (it's the one in the screen-shot above):*%26quot%3b+OR+%26quot%3bspeech+patholog*%26quot%3b+OR+%26quot%3bspeech+language+patholog*%26quot%3b+)+AND+(+dysphasi*+OR+aphasi*+)&type=1&searchMode=And&site=ehost-live

Try it with a search of your own!