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HIP202 Research Skills Guide: Using Folders

Adding Items to a Folder

When you have a results list in an EBSCOhost database, you have the option to add records to a folder. To do this, you need to click on the Folder icon at the right of the brief record :

In CINAHL, a record in the results list has a folder icon at the right. You can click on that to add the record to a temporary folder

After you have clicked on the folder icon, the screen changes to show this :

When you have clicked on the Add to Folder icon, the folder icon changes and the record now displays "Folder has items" message

You can also add an item to the folder from its full record :

In CINAHL, each full record has an "Add to Folder" icon in the Tools menu at the right of the full record

And how do you open the temporary folder? Just click on the Folder link in the top blue bar on the EBSCOhost screen.

BUT ... If you do not have, or have not signed into, a personal account, your saved records will appear in a folder but only while you remain logged in to EBSCOhost. When you log out, your saved records will be cleared. So, READ ON ...

Creating a Personal Folder in EBSCOhost

If you wish to:

  • save records permanently,
  • save searches,
  • set up Search Alerts ...

... you need to create a personal folder (account). Here’s how ...

  1.     At top right of screen, click on Sign in.
  2.     Beneath the login and password boxes, click on the link for Create a new Account.
  3.     Follow the instructions and prompts to set up your new Account.
  4.     Make a note of your login and password for future use!

   You can use your personal account to:

  •         Save records of articles, until you choose to delete them
  •         Save searches, until you choose to delete them
  •         Set up search alerts
  •         Set up journal alerts
  •         [And, also, download an eBook from the EBSCOhost eBooks collection].

    For more information on setting up and using a personal account, see EBSCOhost Help, or contact the Library.

Try It Now

Go to CINAHL Plus with Full Text.

Set yourself up with an EBSCOhost personal account. Warning: EBSCOhost is fussy about logins and passwords for personal accounts. You might have to try a couple of times.