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Business Studies: MGT382

Library help for MGT382

Welcome to the MGT382 Library Research Skills section!

Below we'll discuss your assessment task and then how you can search for the information you'll need. After looking through this page start using the Find Scholarly Information tab and the drop down menu below it, to learn how to find and use specific Library resources. I particularly recommend the Find Industry Information page or if you would like a demonstration, there is a video on the Find Company Information page which shows how to use our Library databases.

Let's look at assessment 3 for MGT382

Your MGT382 assessment 3 is a 2000 word report:

Choose a Chinese organisation that could expand by venturing into international markets.  Determine which of the following two countries—Australia or Japan— would have the most favourable market conditions for your chosen organisation.    

To make strategic recommendations, it is necessary for you to complete the following:

  1. CHOOSE a Chinese organisation: As part of your report introduction, provide a brief explanation of your chosen organisation and what they do
  2. MACRO-ENVIRONMENTS: analyse the external macro-environments in each of these countries—Australia & Japan— in relation to international expansion— using:
    • PESTEL analysis 

  3. INTERNAL SITUATION: analyse your organisation’s internal situation in relation to these international markets— using:

    • VRIN tests for sustainable competitive advantage 

    • SWOT analysis

  4. RECOMMENDATIONS: In addition to the micro-environments and the internal situation explained previously, you will also be evaluated on the following:Justify why you recommended either Australia or Japan and the best choice and most favourable strategic fit 

Note - the information here is a summary of what is in your subject outline. It is here as a guide, not a replacement for your full assessment information.

Accessing your textbook through the library

Good news!

The 6th edition of your textbook is available online through the library!

However our access to your textbook is limited. As this book only allows several viewers at one time we recommend browsing the eBook and saving the pages you require then exiting to allow others to view. If you try to access the eBook and are unable to open, wait and try again later.

What information do you need?

Business Source Complete has country reports such as those from MarketLine. They will be useful when undertaking a PESTLE analysis of a country.

How to search for country reports:

  1. Enter the name of your country into the first search box.
  2. Select "Country Report" from the "Publication Type" under the "Search Options." Then hit search.

You will also need to look up information about companies. The library gives you access to some great databases to help you do this. Look at the Find Company Information tab under Find Scholarly Information for help using specific Library's databases (such as D&B Hoovers) to research your chosen company.

You must use information sources to support your discussion that are of academic standard and from credible sources, Each information source used must be referenced correctly in the body of the paper, and in a reference list. Please note that you should not use 'wiki' sites as references for this assignment. These sources may provide useful background reading, but they are not suitable as academic references.

Don't forget:

  • This assignment is to be completed in report format. Include an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.
  • Use at least ten reference sources
  • ALL texts must be of academic standard and be from credible sources. You may use journal articles, text book, text book chapter, conference paper proceeding, credible websites. Assess the quality of content in web sources very carefully. The Evaluating Information page has some useful tips.
  • Do not reference Wikipedia as this is an unreliable source.
  • Use in-text citations to identify other people’s ideas and words. These in-text citations must follow the APA (7th ed.) referencing style.

Where will you find this information?

So where do you find this information?

The following pages of this guide will help you locate the information you need using a range of library databases and free websites.

In particular see the Research PESTLE Analysis page and Research Strategy for Porter's Five Forces Analysis box to help you find the information you need.

Remember, no matter where you find your resources you still need to evaluate them to ensure they are reliable and suitable to use. Check the Evaluating Information page for tips.