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EndNote and NVivo for Literature Review: Home

Using NVivo and EndNote for writing a Literature Review

NVivo can be used with EndNote to help you identify articles, key findings and influential authors when conducting a literature review. NVivo can import PDF files and bibliographic information from EndNote, organise and tag literature, help you keep track of critical quotes and track ideas.

This Library Guide will look at:

  • How to start a new project
  • How to import references and PDF files from EndNote into NVivo 
  • How to import webpages 
  • How to add and edit classifications imported from EndNote
  • How to create and edit Memos in NVivo
  • How to code PDFs and other sources in NVivo
  • How to use Queries in NVivo

Download & install NVivo

Personal computers

Before installing NVivo, please ensure you have:

  • Checked NVivo System Requirements,
  • Have no other applications running - including virus protection software, Microsoft™ Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, on your computer

Download NVivo

CSU managed computers

NVivo should be installed on CSU managed computers using the Install Software (Windows) or Self Service (Mac) applications.

  • Close all other applications, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.
  • Click on the Install Software (Windows) icon on your desktop or select the Self Service (Mac) application.
  • Select NVivo from the list of programs and click on Run.

What is EndNote

EndNote can be used to manage your references, insert citations in Microsoft Word documents and store and annotate your PDFs.

For more information see:

For more information about how to use and download EndNote see our  EndNote Library Guide

Professional Development Calendar

The Research Office regularly runs training sessions on NVivo.

Please check the Professional Development Calendar.

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