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Research Metrics, Impact and Engagement: SciVal

Research Impact: : Updated Where to Publish information

The SciVal Database

Author performance metrics in SciVal

Find metrics related to your publications in SciVal. The metrics in SciVal are based on your Scopus author profile.

  1. Login to SciVal.  You might need to register if you don't already have an Elsevier account.
  2. Click on Overview to define a new researcher.
  3. Define a new Researcher
    • Click the 'Add' link at the bottom of the Researchers and Groups section
    • Search by name to find an existing researcher or group, or 'Define a new Researcher'
    • Follow the workflow to identify and add the researcher to SciVal

Instructional Videos:

SciVal Metrics available in CRO

Each CRO record for Journal articles will have some metrics linked from the SciVal database.

Select an article from your research outputs list. Select Metrics to find these metrics:

  • Scopus metrics for your articles published in that journal
  • Field weighted Citation Impact for the article
  • Journal metrics for Rank, Quartile and Percentile