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Research Impact: : Updated Where to Publish information

Why is Research Impact Important

Researchers may need to establish the impact or influence of their research. This impact may include academic influence, as well as economic or societal impact on the community.

This guide describes the different ways you can:

  • Assess the impact of your research
  • Increase your research readership, citation count and influence

Consider establishing a Researcher Profile to promote your research and explore opportunities for collaboration

How are the different Research impact metrics calculated?

The Metrics Toolkit  is a guide to understanding how different research impact metrics are calculated, what each metric means, and how to effectively use the different metrics that are available.

Requesting a Research Metrics Report

Researchers submitting grant funding applications and/or seeking academic promotion may request a Research Metrics Report from the Library. Research Metrics Reports for grant funding will be given priority during times of high demand (start of teaching session for example).

Reports for academic promotion will need a few weeks notice. The library will provide an initial Research Metrics Report for academics, and will provide advice and training for academics to update their Report for future reuse.  The Library offers Research Metrics and Impact training in the Office of Research Services Professional Development Calendar.

The report prepared by faculty librarians collates information about a researcher and metrics related to their research outputs, including their profiles. We pull key data from these, so it is important to keep CRO and your profiles up to date (this includes adding your media and news reports, and government publications or agency reports.)

We gather relevent data:

  • CRO and ORCiD:  Important - for best results you must keep these profiles up to date.
  • Scopus AuthorID, Google Scholar
  • author metrics
  • publication metrics from relevant sources
  • publication, exhibitions and performance reviews
  • Australian & international library holdings of publications

Due to the complexity of the report, please give us 3-4 weeks for its completion. To obtain a Research Metrics Report please complete this form or contact a Faculty Librarian.