Publishing a Journal Article

Before you decide where to submit your journal for publication, consider the following to ensure you're selecting the best publication. Our Where to publish guide provides more detail on how to determine the best journal for your article.

  • Look at the journal quality - How is it ranked in the discipline? What is the prestige of the editorial team?
  • Look at the relevance of the journal - Does it match you intended audience? Does it add to the conversation in that journal? Do you need it to be peer reviewed?
  • Look at the journal's discoverability - Where is it indexed? Can your intended audience access the content?
  • Consider an Open Access journal
  • What are the publishing timelines?

Be careful of predatory publishers, the Where to Publish guide has a great checklist to help you identify a predatory publisher.

Sharing your publication

When your article has been published, you may want to share it with colleagues or others in your discipline, on social networks or via your personal website.

The best way to share an article is to link to the article, as generally, you don't own the copyright of the full text once the article is published. Publishing in an Open Access journal is one way to make sure the full text available to anyone. There are a couple of options to make the full text available if you're article is not in an Open Access journal.

Upload the full text to CRO (Charles Sturt Research Outputs collection)

Many publishers will allow you to make a version (often the Accepted Version) available in CRO after it has been published. You can find out if the journal allows articles to be made open access in CRO using SHERPA. Our guide on Recording Research Outputs, Impact and Engagement: Adding outputs will take you through how to add the full text to your CRO profile. You can then share a link to the CRO record.

Check the access and usage rights of your paper

If your article has a DOI, Figshare has developed a tool - Can I Share it? that will help you determine the options you have available in line with the paper's access and usage rights.