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ENM109 Research Skills Guide: Home


Welcome to the Research Skills Guide for First Year Environmental Science students.

This guide was made for you by a librarian at CSU's Albury Campus Library. It is designed to:

  • introduce you to Library services and resources
  • help you with the research process
  • assist you in finding scholarly information for your assessments.

It should be of particular interest to students for Assessment item 2 - The Foundation of higher education - No.2 Reference and Library Quiz and Assessment Item 3 - Exploring & reflecting on workplace learning.

We will cover the best way to:

  • Identify keywords and search strategies for your assessment
  • Find relevant resources using the Library and the Internet
  • Evaluate your results for suitability
  • Use the information in your assessment

You can work through this guide at your own pace, or dip into it as needed. You can use the navigation structure (tabs and boxes), or the Next Page and Previous Page links.

If you need further assistance, please contact me, or contact the Library, as in the boxes at right. You might also find that there is a Library Forum in your subject Interact2 site.

Wishing you the best for your studies.

Karen Klein

CSU Library


Help from a Librarian

You can contact me directly for assistance, Karen Klein:

OR you can use the Library's help services:

ENM109 Library tutorial

The video below walks you through this guide and how to use Library resources and services. Click on the ^ symbol at the bottom of the frame to see the table of contents and skip to the section you want to view.