What is impact, and how do I assess the impact of my research?

Research impact can be defined as

The contribution that research makes to economy, society and environment, beyond the contribution of academic research1.

This guide describes the different ways you can:

  • Assess the impact of your research
  • Select a journal in which to publish your research
  • Increase your research readership, citation count and influence

Consider establishing a Researcher Profile to promote your research and explore opportunities for collaboration

1 Forbes, J. & Shepherd, A. (2017). What's new in publications, ERA, engagement and impact [PowerPoint slides]. 


What's in this guide?

Research Impact Reports

Applying for a promotion or funding for a research project? A Faculty Liaison librarian can compile a list of your publications and associated statistics from multiple sources that measure the impact of your publications.  This information will then be formatted into a report to support your application. Data obtained includes:

  • h-index in Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar;
  • citations and downloads;
  • altmetrics.

Contact your Faculty Liaison librarian for more information about Research Impact reports.


Help from a Librarian