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Research Impact: Alternative metrics & social impact

Research Impact: : Updated Where to Publish information

What are altmetrics?

Alternative metrics or Altmetrics provide article level metrics for research outputs, i.e. other impacts of a work, such as the number of article views, numbers of downloads, or mentions in social media and news media. They can be used to demonstrate exposure to, and engagement with, a research output.  Altmetrics can be applied to a broad range of research outputs including articles, books, presentations, videos, source code repositories, web pages, datasets etc.

Altmetrics in CRO

Plum Analytics (PlumX) is a tool embedded into CRO that captures altmetrics for research outputs. Altmetrics captured by Plum Analytics are available in the public view of CRO.

Altmetrics that are captured by Plum Analytics include:

  • Usage (views)
  • Captures- exports/saves and readers
  • Media mentions
  • Social media likes and shares
  • Citations

Downloads information.  In addition to PlumX metrics, CRO or Pure, also provides download statistics for any Open Access pre-publication manuscripts in CRO.

Plum Analytics and downloads information for a publication in CRO:



Other altmetric data sources

In addition to utilising the altmetrics available in CRO, authors can compile altmetric data related to their research by establishing a Researcher Profile with an aggregated altmetric service, or referring to individual product specific altmetric providers.  Altmetric data can supplement traditional scholarly citation counts and measures such as the h-index, and may be used to differentiate the impact of your research output from other works with comparable traditional metrics.

Altmetric data is available from:

PlumX metrics displayed in Scopus database

Note: This altmetric is dependent on published articles having a Digital Object Identifier

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