Company types

It can be helpful to consider what type of company you are seeking information on:

Public listed / quoted

  • Trade stocks or securities on an exchange (e.g. the ASX). 
  • Are required to disclose information about their operations and performance, this means a lot of information is available in the databases and on company websites. 

Private / proprietary / unlisted

  • Not always required by law to disclose information for public inspection, therefore they can be harder to research.
  • Resources to research private companies include some of our databases (as indicated), news sources and company websites.
  • In Australia, large proprietary companies are required to lodge financial information for public inspection, therefore information is available in the databases.


  • A subsidiary company is one that is owned by another company.
  • Financial information on a subsidiary is sometimes not available and it is necessary to read the reports of the parent company.

Non-profit organisations / Not-For-Profit / NGO

  • Can fall into a number of categories including associations and not-for-profit unlisted public companies.
  • For information on a non-profit organisation, in addition to the databases try:

Government entities

  • IBISWorld has company profiles for 286 Australian government bodies