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Ornithology Research Skills Guide: Referencing

How do I reference for Ornithology?

There are many referencing styles used in Universities and academic publications. Always check your subject outline and consult your lecturer to see which style you are required to use.


For BIO433 & BIO430 - please use the scientific 'Journal of Avian Biology' style

The 'Journal of Avian Biology' style is an author/date Harvard referencing style.

Instructions are given in ornithology subject outline and you could also look at the Journal web page. Here is some further reference examples on how to format your references using the Journal of Avian Biology citation style.

If you need help with journal title abbreviations, here is a link to Web of Science journal title abbreviations list, however, be mindful to refer back to the 'Journal of Avian Biology' for any style differences.

For an extra resource, you may want to consider using the Journal of Avian Biology Referencing Guide by Citationsy. This is not something we endorse, but here as an option for you.

what is referencing?