Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to locate resources such as articles, theses and books.

Unlike Primo Search, which is set to search the Library's holdings only, Google Scholar searches beyond Charles Sturt University Library and will include resources that are not available to you.

Set up Library Links to access the Library's online resources using these instructions.

Advanced Google Searching

Here are some examples you might like to try in the Google Search box above:

  • psychological|sociological research gerontology
    Remember the | represents an or. In this case, you want either psychological, sociological or both terms. 
  • "gerontological research" "ethical considerations"
    The double quotation marks tell Google Search to look for the enclosed words as a phrase rather than as individual keywords.
  • gerontological
    The ask Google Search to search all websites ending in the domain You can make this more or less specific by either adding to the domain (e.g.: will search in the Australian Government's Human Services website) or reducing it (e.g.: site:gov will search within any government website). 
  • gerontological "research perspective"
    It is best to try many variations of your search to make sure you have the best opportunity to find useful information.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search


using Google Scholar