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Database Help: If the full article is not available

If the full article is not available from a database

As previously mentioned, many databases contain a combination of citation-only records, and records with full-text attached. Very often, a database will have some citation-only records, and some full-text items, from the same journal. This is because the Library's full-text subscription might be for only a certain date-range of the journal.

Often, the citation-only items appear to be available, but when you try to get the full item, you are asked to pay for it. 

If you come across an item which is not available online via a database or Primo Search, you can:

  • do a general internet search for the item in case it’s available free online
  • do a Primo Search search for the journal in case it’s held in print format
  • request a copy of the item via the Interlibrary loans (and copies) service.

If in any doubt, please contact the Library for assistance in tracking down the full-text of the item you require.