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Database Help: Field searching

Searching in Fields


Database records consist of fields that contain specific pieces of information.

Common fields include:

Author(s) Year of publication
Article title Subject headings
Journal title Abstract (summary)

Most databases will default to searching in all the main fields, but you can change this changing to search only in a specific field, or fields, and get results that are more precise.

For enhanced topic searching, search in the Subject (best option) or Title (next best option). To find works by an author, use the Author field. To find items from a publication, use the Publication field (also called the Source).

To find and select the fields in which you can search, look for drop-down menus beside each search box:

The EBSCOHost advanced search screen allows you to select which field to search and which Boolean operators you'd like to use






You can combine search terms, operators, and field searching to build complex searches, and get better results:

The EBSCOHost advanced search screen also allows you to change the scope of your search easily