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Law: Write & Reference


Referencing is the acknowledgement of information sources in your work; it is the appropriate way to give credit to the original owner of an idea, piece of writing or creative work. All assignments at Charles Sturt University are expected to be fully referenced unless advised otherwise. 

Reference direct quotations, facts and figures, and any ideas and theories that you use from both primary and secondary materials.

If you do not reference correctly, you may be accused of plagiarism.

Referencing for Law

AGLC4 is the referencing style you will be expected to use at Charles Sturt University for the Bachelor of Laws.  It is produced by the Melbourne University Law Review Association in collaboration with the Melbourne Journal of International Law.  

Corrections have been released for the 4th edition (mainly for the examples presented in the guide), please check these before applying the rules.

The ART tool link below is compiled by Charles Sturt and provides a condensed version of the contents in the full AGLC4 guide. 

If you are studying subjects in other disciplines, or studying law subjects towards a different course of study, you may be expected to use a different citation style, most likely APA style. You should check with your lecturer if you are unsure. See Referencing at Charles Sturt University for more information on other referencing styles.

Abbreviations for Journals Jurisdictions and Law Reports

Academic writing support

Charles Sturt University also has other services which can help you to get the best possible results for your work:

  • Academic writing, assignments and essays - workshops, guides and video tutorials covering all aspects of academic writing including case study and report writing skills.
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  • The Study Success Forum is an ideal place to post those vexing questions about assignment writing techniques. ​Find it in Interact2 > Study Success > Discussion.
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