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Copyright @ CSU: Audio/Visual

Charles Sturt University Copyright Guidelines

TV & Radio broadcasts

Australian television and radio broadcast recordings can be used for teaching purposes at CSU. Programs can be recorded from the broadcast or downloaded from the broadcaster's website. Recordings can be shown in class, recorded as part of a lecture, or uploaded into the DOMS Digital Media Collection to be accessed from Interact2 subject sites. This activity relies on the Part VA Statutory licence held with Screenrights.

CSU subscribes to two AV databases under this licence: Informit EduTV and TVNews.

More information: Use of Audiovisual material

Electronic Audiovisual Collections

CSU subscribes to a number of video and multimedia collections. Material in these collections can be displayed in class or accessed by students by embedding links in Interact2.  

More information: Videos, Multimedia & News Databases.

Recording lectures

When recording a lecture academic staff may include:

  • Presenters voice and image
  • Australian television and radio broadcast recordings 
  • Programs downloaded or displayed from Australian broadcasters websites
  • PowerPoint presentations that include non-CSU images, must display the Part VB copyright notice
  • Text and images copied from books, journals and websites (not eBooks or eJournals)

It is unlikely that other material can be copied as part of a recorded lecture because CSU does not hold a licence to do so.  If you have any specific questions about material you would like to record, contact CSU Copyright.

Further information: Recording Lectures

Images/Artistic Works

Artistic works are defined as a painting, sculpture, drawing (including diagrams, maps, charts, plans) engraving or photograph, any work of artistic craftsmanship.  Images can be copied and communicated if they are in digital format or scanned from print under the section 113 P statutory licence and used in Interact2 if loaded into Digital Object Management System Copyright Collection, conditions apply. 

Images owned by CSU, created by academic staff, available under a Creative Commons licence or in the public domain may be used in Interact2. Try Quickly Find Creative Commons Images Using Google online.

More Information:  Artistic Works and Images - use for Teaching


If you are preparing slideshows which contain material that has been copied from other sources, please use the CSU PowerPoint template which displays the Copyright Notice (see link below).

Please reference all material appropriately.

The Copyright notice should remain as the first slide of the presentation.

PowerPoint Template and Guidelines


Links to legitimate YouTube clips can be embedded in Interact2. Clips can be played in class. 

CSU does not hold a licence to copy YouTube clips. 

Music licence

CSU holds a current licence with APRA, ARIA, PPCA and AMCOS to use music in certain ways for teaching and CSU events.

More information: Music Licence.

Commercial DVD & Music

Commercial DVDs can be shown in class, they can not be copied or communicated online.


Send an email to CSU Copyright