Welcome to the library research guide for Performance Arts.

Each section of this guide contains collections, search tools, suggested resources and assistance to help you with your research and studies in this field.  This page will get you started with the research process.

Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

To start the search process, it can be useful to begin with an encyclopaedia, dictionary or handbook to get an overview of your topic, or an explanation of terminology or concepts with which you're unfamiliar.This will equip you with the vocabulary and language needed to cover your topic in depth.


Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference Online is a huge repository of subject-specific dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and other reference-type material. Use the search widget below to find definitions and encyclopaedia-type entries on any topic:

Find your definitions by searching Oxford Reference Online

Sources of Information

Topic analysis

Evaluate information

Use this simple test to check if your resources are appropriate and relevant for use in your assessments.

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