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Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) Guide: Explore Research Methods

This guide supports the Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) course

why use SAGE?

The SAGE Research Methods (SRMO) database can help you design, run and write up your research project. The database focuses on methodology that can be used across multiple disciplines.

SRMO provides access to:

  • Full text content from over 720 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks
  • The Little Green Book (qualitative research methods) series
  • The Little Blue Book (quantitative applications in the social sciences) series
  • A selection of journal articles and specially commissioned videos.
  • A collection of Datasets taken from real research projects.

You can find out more information by looking the Library's SAGE Research Methods webpage.

We'll explore this platform in more detail in RES401.

SAGE Research Methods Overview

Using SAGE Research Methods to do a Literature Review