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Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) Guide: Sources of Information

This guide supports the Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) course


There are many different types of resources which might offer information on the topic you are researching, but you need to consider whether the source is scholarly or authoritative enough for research project:

Source type Use this resource to: Where to access this source:
  • Get an overview, introduction, and/or background on a topic
  • Get in-depth information about a broad topic
Journal article
  • Get the best source of academic or scholarly information
  • Get highly relevant and subject specific information on your topic
  • Find citations and reference lists that will help you identify other important works on a subject.
  • Investigate public attitudes to topics and issues
  • Get the latest information about new ideas or inventions in engineering.

Australian database of streaming videos from free-to-air and pay-TV, selected for tertiary institutions.


A searchable database of Australian free-to-air television news, current affairs, and (selected) documentary programs, available as digitised video.


A ProQuest database featuring the full-text of Australian and New Zealand newspapers. Previously called ANZ Newsstand



Find current information

Get an overview, introduction, and/or background on a topic

Locate reports and documents from government, academic, or professional organisations
Find background or introductory information

Familiarise yourself with the topic
Grey Literature

Find relevant research information and data from governments or organisations that has not been commercially published.

Reference material

Find factual and statistical information on a topic
Get an overview of a subject
Find definitions

Use subject specific resources to decipher the "jargon" of your topic
Theses and dissertations

Locate other research on a similar topic
See how to format and present a thesis

  • CSU theses are held by the Library.
  • Electronic copies of theses from 2009 onwards are available in the CSU Research Output (CRO) repository as PDFs. CSU Library also subscribes to various theses and dissertation databases.
  • For more information about locating theses from other institutions, go to the Library's Theses & Dissertations page.


Want to learn more about journal databases?

  • The Library holds a series of Online Library Workshops, some of these focus on journal database searching. 
  • We also have a Databases Help guide that contains a wealth of information on using journal databases. 

Sources of Information

how to search proquest databases