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Open Access: What is Open Access?

Why is Open Access important?

"Open Access is about making research findings freely available to anyone".

Why is Open Access important?

  • Increased visibility for your work
  • Publications may attract a higher number of citations
  • Increased visibility of University researchers and their research
  • Removes barriers to public access to publicly funded research
  • Practitioners can access and potentially apply your research findings
  • Increases ‘return on investment’ made by government and other funding agencies
  • Compliance with grant funding rules that require open access to research output
  • Helps researchers in developing countries access information.

Models of Open Access

  • Green OA Model: Depositing an open access copy in the repository
  • Gold Model : Paying the journal to make work open access
  • Hybrid model:  Paying a journal to make an article open access while it also charges subscription fees.

Researchers can make their work open access by one of two ways:

  • depositing an open access copy of their published work in a repository such as CRO or
  • publishing in a journal that is free to readers.


Further information

The Australasian Open Access Support Group (AOASG) provides information and advocacy on open access in Australia and New Zealand.

Help from a Faculty Liaison Librarian






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Open Access explained

Video explaining some of the basic concepts behind OA publishing and why it is so important, © Jorge Cham PhD Comics