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Open Access: What is Open Access?

Why is Open Access important?

"Open Access is about making research findings freely available to anyone".

Why is Open Access important?

  • Increased visibility for your work
  • Publications may attract a higher number of citations
  • Increased visibility of University researchers and their research
  • Removes barriers to public access to publicly funded research
  • Practitioners can access and potentially apply your research findings
  • Increases ‘return on investment’ made by government and other funding agencies
  • Compliance with grant funding rules that require open access to research output
  • Helps researchers in developing countries access information.

Models of Open Access

  • Green OA Model: Depositing an open access copy in the repository
  • Gold Model : Paying the journal to make work open access
  • Hybrid model:  Paying a journal to make an article open access while it also charges subscription fees.

Researchers can make their work open access by one of two ways:

  • depositing an open access copy of their published work in a repository such as CRO or
  • publishing in a journal that is free to readers.


Further information

The Australasian Open Access Support Group (AOASG) provides information and advocacy on open access in Australia and New Zealand.

Open Access explained

Video explaining some of the basic concepts behind OA publishing and why it is so important, © Jorge Cham PhD Comics

Help from a Faculty Liaison Librarian

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