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Anatomy: Anatomy.TV PALMs

Anatomy PALMs: Introduction

Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs) is a learning and teaching system that can be used within Anatomy.TV.

PALMs is an e-assessment tool that adapts to the learner, systematically teaching pattern recognition.

To access PALMs open Anatomy.TV and select the Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules link from the left hand menu. Select Log in/register to access PALMs. If this is your first time using PALMs you will need to Sign up with an email address and password, otherwise select Log in to continue.

Subject Coordinators with an Instructor account in PALMs can set up a "class", enrol students, and monitor student progress. To register as an Instructor, please contact a member of the Library's Faculty Teams.

Students can register as a guest in PALMs, with an email address and password (as noted above). Students can then join a "class" within PALMs, using a code supplied by the Subject Coordinator/Instructor.

More information for Subject Coordinators and students on how to use PALMs, including a training video and FAQs, can be found at Anatomy PALMs Help.

Anatomy PALMs: Video

Anatomy PALMs: Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules Quiz Video