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HCS221 & HCS532 Research Skills Guide: Introduction

Legal research

Welcome to the HCS221 & HCS532 Research Skills Guide.

This guide is designed to assist you when conducting legal research for your Assessment 1 essay.

This guide will cover:

  • Legal research process
  • Secondary sources
  • Case law
  • Legislation
  • Referencing in law

For anyone studying HCS221, if you would like a refresher about other library skills, such as sources of information, using journal databases and more, head over to the SOC101 Research Skills Guide.

If you are studying HCS532, you should be able to find refresher information about other library skills in the HCS406 Research Skills Guide. I also recommend heading over to our Legal Research Skills Guide for more technical information about searching for legal resource material. 

Most important of all, use your librarians! If you need help with anything library or research related, get in touch with the library.

Wishing you the best for the study ahead!

Lauren (she/her)
Charles Sturt Librarian

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introduction to legal sources