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Library client survey 2017: Our services

In this section:

We offer a lot of services at CSU library, both on campus and online, and we need to make sure you can find out what these services are and how to access them. We also need to make sure the services themselves are the best they can be.

You told us you appreciate our online classes and in-class librarian support, and you want us to get in touch sooner when you start your degree, to let you know what we can offer.

What we're doing

We're dedicated to better promotion of our News channels.

We've added more links to the Library pages, and we're planning to promote our social media channels.




"Social Media apps" by Jason Howie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We're trialling Express Post bags for high-demand items

To make sure you get your requests as soon as possible, and you can send them back in time as well. 

The IT department has increased the data allowances for students

We've worked with DIT to lower printing costs for students

The price per sheet for printers in the Library and Learning Commons has gone down

We've added a new service desk at Port Macquarie, so you can find staff more easily.

One of our librarians at the desk in Port Macquari


You gave us a higher score for communication this year than in previous surveys, but there is still room for improvement.

Many of you told us that you didn’t hear about some of our services until the end of your course. Others suggested services that we already offer, which tells us we aren't promoting them effectively.

Services you didn't know we provide include:

  • Postal services for Online students
  • Digitisation services, including how this services works
  • Virtual information services, which operates evenings and weekends throughout all three sessions
  • Library workshops and training.

We’re going to increase our involvement in orientation activities. We'll also provide more information about the library to you during your first year subjects, to help you get started with library services.

Access and borrowing

You provided some great feedback about our postal services, including the SSAF-funded Reply Paid post service for online students. You also love having the collection available 24/7 on our Dubbo, Orange and Port Macquarie campuses.

You did identify a few issues and areas we can improve, including:

  • Long postal delivery times
  • Processes around lost postal items
  • Loan times for some resources and equipment
  • Wait times for digitisation requests, and communication around requests that can't be filled.

We’re already investigating alternative postage solutions and tracking deliveries. We’ll also review loan periods for some equipment, and improve library notices about changes to digitisation requests or recalled loans.

Help and support services

You told us that you appreciate having access to the Library staff to help you locate and use library resources. We received a number of positive comments about library classes and librarians assisting on your subject discussion boards, which is great!

Areas we're going to work on include:

  • Visibility of staff, and how to get help in the Library spaces
  • Raising awareness of Library chat and phone services, with a focus on how Online students can get assistance.

We're also going to investigate developing a pop-up for the library website, so you can access the Chat services more easily or be informed about our opening hours.