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Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries: Topic Analysis

Topic Analysis

Searching for information always starts with some kind of question. In this case, it would be your assignment question.

Below is an example of an assignment question:

Select a public company and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation's core marketing strategy in meeting its strategic plan.


Break down the question into components. What is the question asking you to do? What are you searching for? Circle, highlight, underline, or write down what you think keywords might be. 

Keywords/ key concepts: WHAT you need to research.

Instruction words: words that tell you what you need to do and HOW to respond. Charles Sturt University has complied a list of common instruction words.

Limiters: These are the restrictions of the assignment. These could be dates or other topics.


For this question these will be:

Keywords/ key concepts: Marketing, Strategic plan

Instruction words: Analyse

Limiter: the chosen public company, the dates 2017-2020


Also look for synonyms, words with similar meanings and related words. For Example:

Analyse: Critique, Review

Strategic Plan: Corporate Plan