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Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries: Search

Search: How to

In Charles Sturt University Library's Primo search, type in one of the keywords or phrase. For example, marketing strategy.

Primo Search from Charles Sturt University website with keywords - marketing strategy

You would have received an extremely large amount of results.


Go to the  ADVANCED SEARCH , found on the right of the search bar.

Advanced Primo Search with keywords - marketing strategy and highlighting the advanced search function 

In the next search bar, enter another keyword or phrase.

Select  + ADD A NEW LINE  to add more keywords.

Advanced Primo Search with another keywords - strategic plan, in another box, and highlighting the 'add a new line function'

Each keyword or concept should have its own line.

Do not add more than 3 keywords or phrase at a time.


You may will still retrieve a large number of resources but it would not be as large as the first search.



Now, you can start refining the results.


On the left side of the screen, you can refine your search by availability, resource type, date, topic, author, journal and database.

Image highlighting filtering for online resources - 'available online' and dates


Always refine your results to  Available online  (under show only) and by  date .


Image highlighting the filter 'books'


If you need an eBook, apply the filter  Books  (under resource type).


Image highlighting the filters 'peer-reviewed journals' and 'articles'


If you need a peer-reviewed article apply the filter  Articles  (under resource type) and  Peer-reviewed Journals  (under show only).


Image highlighting the filters under 'topics'


Limit the search by  Topics  if there are too many results.

No more than 2 topic filters should be used at the same time.


You can always remove the filter by clicking the X next to it.


Click Show More to see all the resources available.



Open the citation by clicking on the title. Read the Description to determine its relevance to you. This is known as the abstract.(this is a short summary of what the resource is about).

Example of description or abstract of a record


Once you find a relevant resource, open the link (under View Online). You may be asked to sign in using the Interact2 login.

Image highlighting an ebook link in a record


If it is not exactly what you are looking for, close the record, and go to the next one.


Don’t forget you can cancel and change the filters. You can also change the keywords.