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Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries: Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a simple search for scholarly resources across many disciplines and sources.

You are able to use some of the techniques listed in the page "Search Tips and Techniques" in your search.

Google Scholar also provides an Advanced Search option to refine your search. This can be found by clicking on Hamburger menu icon at the top left of the screen.

While it is a good search engine to use to search for your assignment, there are some limitations. These include:

- Not every article found is a peer-reviewed article
- Not every article is freely available

It is recommended to link Google Scholar to Charles Sturt University Library's collection of online resources to get around some of these issues. The Box and Video below explains how.

Linking to Charles Sturt University Library

To link Google Scholar to Charles Sturt University Library, you need to:

- Go to Google Scholar
- Click Hamburger menu icon on at the top left of the screen
- Select Settings option
- Select Library links
- Search for Charles Sturt University 
- Tick Charles Sturt University - Find it at CSU and click Save


All articles available at the Charles Sturt University Library will have Find it at CSU next to it.

Using Google Scholar