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Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries: Researching for your Assignment

Researching for your Assignment

This Information Literacy Libguide will show you how to learn to search for Information as a Life-Long skill.

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We search for information every day. It can be something as simple as “when is the next train?” and it can be something more complex such as “privacy issues and the Internet of Things".

Searching for academic purposes is a life-long skill that you need to learn. It is not a Google search. In fact, using Google will slow you down as it takes you to many free websites produced by companies or individuals with their own biases. The best way to avoid misleading information is using the Online Library where peer-reviewed information is actually bought by the Library. 

It usually takes more than 50% of your time to find the correct information for your assignment. You need to search several times to discover keywords and search tips along the way. This is normal but this will get easier once you learn where and how to search efficiently.

Information Literacy is a skill that will take time to develop. Never fear, you will get there.


Here's an example of a search strategy where Information Literacy tools are used:

Additional Help

The Charles Sturt University Study Centre Libraries are here to help. Zoom us, call us or email us.


Study Centre Sydney Students

Phone: (02) 9291 9315


Study Centre Brisbane Students

Phone: (07) 3232 1671


Melbourne Study Centre Students

Phone: (03) 9935 7921


Library Zoom Drop-In Help is available for all students, from Monday-Friday, 9 - 11am AEST (Australian Standard Eastern Time).
Due to Study Centre events and workshop commitments, the drop-in room may be temporarily unattended. In this case, please contact the Library by telephone or email



The Study Centre Library also runs workshops throughout the semester on how to navigate and find the best information resources for your assignments.

Look out for these workshops in the Library Announcement.


Additional resources from Charles Sturt University:

Online Workshops

Charles Sturt University Library is running a series of online workshops for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

Join Charles Sturt University Library workshops.

These online workshops, via zoom, cover all aspects of using the Library to locate and use scholarly online resources for assignments, how to use EndNote, or discover what services they can get from Charles Sturt University Library.


Workshop topics:

- Introduction to Library Services
- Finding Online Journal Articles
- Using eBooks
- Using Library Databases
- Advanced Library Databases
- EndNote
- Promote Yourself Online
- Protect Yourself Online